I truly believe running into great music is like running into people. Your fates cross for the first time, and sometimes the last, but it always leaves a mark. It coincides with your destiny and becomes the sound track of that specific time in your life. Like a chapter indicator in your own book that no one will ever fully read.


Happy Holidays Everyone!

found via Steve Mehallo

My buddy Scott’s clothing company, Wicked Ladybug, has just released a rad new shirt design. I’m feeling the flesh eating lady bugs. So do yourself a favor and go buy one.

Stefan Sagmeister’s website captures his firm working (live?) while having active physical (in form of vinyl) buttons on the floor. Neat-o.

Here is a video that I totally forgot to post in the early–mid summer. Definitely like the gritty vibe of the faces on gritty food; I always knew the bastards of fast food were friends. I’v been posting a lot of videos lately, but I think it must be because of my linear sequence deadline.

found via Steve Mehallo

This has got to be on of the best music video’s I’ve seen in a long time. They’ve given life to 2-D in a way that really gives it a unique quality. What a damn fine example of use of lighting and color.

Metallic ink printed garmets. Clever thinking, interesting outcome, possibly worth buying. more here.