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ImageIt’s been a while since I have posted on my blog, but I have been busy. Recently moving to Portland and reestablishing my life has been a project in its own. These past 3 Months have been tremendous in networking and productivity; I will have my new website (as well as my new blog) up within the month, please stay tuned. In the mean time I have left you with a photo to gnaw on, enjoy.


Industry City Distillery is trying to reinvent the idea of a factory that not only creates a quality product, but does so sustainably. Beyond their ethical goals, their package design is also something quite beautiful. Visually portraying the scientific side of their company creates a look of experimentation, leaving the consumer with a sense that they are about to drink something quite special.

“Line Of Sight is a rare view into underground bicycle messenger racing which has become a global phenomenon. For over a decade Lucas Brunelle has been riding with the fastest, most skilled urban cyclists around the world while capturing all the action with his customized helmet cameras to bring you along for the ride.”

I have been really getting into cycling as of late and couldn’t help but post this trailer. This film looks thrilling on so many levels.

ImageImageImageRecently I have taken on watercolor painting to nurture my artistic side. With it’s forgiving tendencies and transparent character, I am really getting a kick out of using this medium.  The images above depict a series that I have established based on chairs and their designers. With more coming within the coming weeks, I will aim to release as many chairs as my hand and heart can culminate. I figure if you can’t afford them, paint them.

It’s been awhile since I’ve last posted in this blog. I have been developing a new blog and website that will portray my work and inspirations. I will continue to blog on Ambient Thoughts until I get my other blog up and running, so stay tuned.

“Form follows function”— Louis Sullivan

To some this quote is a formula that can lead to timeless design, but how far does this quote go when applied to an older piece of machinery? One needs not to argue that functionality establishes timelessness, but at what point does time leave functionality. Lets begin with the example of a classic cafe racer. With its exposed infrastructure and bare materials it leaves an intoxicating modernist affect on the soul; where every part has a function, including the paint. Drum brakes, classic tires, and a sealed beam headlight are all functional for their time, but how does that stand up to today’s functionality? When one has a headlight that will light the road ahead it is functional, but when there are more viable options for more increased light output does that make the previous incarnation less functional? One can argue that technology is constantly changing/increasing functionality and therefore constantly changing form. But where is this line drawn in the sand? These are just a few of the scrambling questions I ask myself everyday.

Growing up I was very fanatical about superheros, especially batman. At one point I had created a world of my own superheros that was so detailed I even had the blueprints for their home-base. I fell upon this blog, Covered, which allows artists to recreate covers of past comics in their own style, good or bad. It couldn’t help but take me back to my childhood. Above are a few examples.

found via Steve Mehallo