Skateboarding, never have I had such a love hate relationship. I remember the first day of getting my skateboard; my dad was afraid I would become a “punk”, though i proved him wrong, those four wheels became the only form of transportation I had for 8 years. To me skateboarding is music composed by my feet and one of the only forms of expression that allow me to “get away”.

I quit skating 4 years ago due to the amount of competition and corporate influence that had plagued the scene. It started to become less about skateboarding and more about what brands you donned. I recently have begun to skate again and I have been unexpectadly shredding the shit out of things I couldn’t before. I’m not just talking about my stress levels, but if I were to attach a cheese grater to my board, the skatepark would be nothing but rubble. My influence has become less street and more vert, which used to be the other way around, but my body thanks me much more now.

Ultimately, skateboarding once again owns a chunk of my heart. When I’m cruising it’s like nothing else matters; it’s just me, the sunset, and the board between my feet and the smooth concrete. It’s those moments that truly clear your mind and replenish your soul.