… and I am but the apprentice.

In a way I see design as a higher calling; a language not yet fully understood, forever growing. I see design as a way to organize my artistic ways in a sophisticated way. Design reveals much more than my deepest thoughts; it reveals a message that is to be understood, whilst art often reveals a message that is covered by an ambiguous cloud of expression.

Art is strong, art is emotional, art is beautiful, but even though they may share these same characteristics, art is not design; however, design is art.

I find many aspects of design in the everyday world.  Patterns in streetlights, visual rhythms and contrast based on skateboarding sessions that not only are organized to create balance and rhythm but to also surprise the audience with an array of variation among tricks, utilizing interrupted pattern to add tension to the energy level. Visual expression can be found almost anywhere from the obvious to the non-obvious, from music to people pushing wood. I love design not only because of its functional beauty, but also because it moves me in a way that nothing else does.